Danes tweet like never before

In Denmark there are 5.5 million people. Almost 3 million of these people have an account on Facebook. Danes love Facebook, but now the eyes are on Twitter. Last week new stats for Danes on Twitter came out. And it seems like the Danes speed up in their use of this micro-blogging universe.

In 2010 there were only approximately 28.000 Danish tweeps. Last year 55.000 people in Denmark had a Twitter account and by the end of March this year, the number is over 70.000 accounts. So it’s not Utopia to believe, that 100.000 danes will tweet “Marry Christmas” and “happy new year”.

So, what do danes tweet about? Well, according to overskrift.dk and Atcore.dk the most used hashtag in 2011 (72.374 tweets) and so far also in 2012 (21.701 tweets in the first four months) is #dkpol. So danes tweet about danish politics.

In the beginning most of the Danish twitter accouts belonged to either news media, journalists, bloggers, actors, mucisians and social media first movers. Now we can see that also businesses have moved into the Twitter world. 38 % of the danish businesses use Twitter in their social media strategy.

If you want more information on this (and understand Danish), I recommend you to swing by the Atcore.dk blog on the subject.


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