Social Media Week in Copenhagen

Social media mania will hit Copenhagen next month with the annual Social Media Week. From February 18th – 22nd, the buzz is all about being open and connected in Copenhagen… and across the online world. Exciting and interesting if you ask me.

Registration is now open, so feel free to drop by if You are in town. Check out the schedule on

Happy New Year 🙂


Danes tweet like never before

In Denmark there are 5.5 million people. Almost 3 million of these people have an account on Facebook. Danes love Facebook, but now the eyes are on Twitter. Last week new stats for Danes on Twitter came out. And it seems like the Danes speed up in their use of this micro-blogging universe.

In 2010 there were only approximately 28.000 Danish tweeps. Last year 55.000 people in Denmark had a Twitter account and by the end of March this year, the number is over 70.000 accounts. So it’s not Utopia to believe, that 100.000 danes will tweet “Marry Christmas” and “happy new year”.

So, what do danes tweet about? Well, according to and the most used hashtag in 2011 (72.374 tweets) and so far also in 2012 (21.701 tweets in the first four months) is #dkpol. So danes tweet about danish politics.

In the beginning most of the Danish twitter accouts belonged to either news media, journalists, bloggers, actors, mucisians and social media first movers. Now we can see that also businesses have moved into the Twitter world. 38 % of the danish businesses use Twitter in their social media strategy.

If you want more information on this (and understand Danish), I recommend you to swing by the blog on the subject.

Flippin’ Flipboard – feeds for free

So. If your social life in cyberspace is getting difficult to administrate, keep reading this post. What happens on Twitter, while you’re checking your Facebook newsfeed? And who’s uploading cool pictures on Instagram, while you connecting on LinkedIn?

It’s hard work to keep up with every social media feed. But there are a few possible solutions, that will help you monitor all your accounts on social networks thanks to applications for your favorite digital gadget.

An example is Flipboard. An app where you can connect Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn etc., so you only have to open the Flipboard app to get the latest tweets, Facebook updates and so on. Sadly the Flipboard app is only for smartphones and tablets. No PC or Mac app.

TweetDeck can do much of the same stuff; collect newsfeeds from your Twitter and Facebook accounts. In my opinion the TweetDeck layout is a tad boring, compared to the Flipboard application. But there are apps for both smartphone, tablets and

The Social Media Examiner have even more tips on how to get the news feeds come to you for free, instead of you checking different accounts to get updates. Go check them out.

Presidential debates in 140 letters

Both President Barack Obama an  republican candidate Mitt Romney tweets. Well. Most of their tweets are probably written by campaign og staff members. But anyway it’s impressive, and maybe a bit disturbing, that they both use Twitters 140-letter setup to state their views on American politics.

It’s not my place to say if it’s a good or a bad thing. Maybe the complicity of state politics gets simplified a tad too much? Maybe more citizens will take interest in politics, and use their vote? In any way the debates are followed AND commented on by millions of tweeters.

Twitter Government (the twitter-team who’s following the presidential debates) noted that there were 10,3 million tweets on the first presidential debate. Two weeks later the second debate was commented on in 7,2 million tweets. Yesterdays third and final debate between Romney and Obama “only” 6,5 million tweeted.

So, even if interest is dropping (on Twitter anyway) there are still 21,2 million Obama-followers and 1,5 million Mitt Romney-followers gets 140-letter political statements from the candidates. Communication directly into the palm of your hand. And that counts for something too!

Happy voting 🙂
Marianne Nielsen @sm_feeder

Pheed – The new Media-kid on the block?

I just logged on to the new social media kid in town. Pheed is the word. Pheed belongs to the Twitter genre, but whit the opportunity to create your own personal news channel – and show your creations with a camera og guitar. Video and soundbites are an integrated part of the channel. 

If you want to make a buck or two, you can charge a small fee for people to follow you. So here are a range of possibilities for bands, artists and reality stars. Maybe a new tune from Chris Brown can be heard on his Pheed-channel before you hear it on the radio…?

Still. I think the success of Pheed totally depends on how fast they make an app for smartphones. So far it’s been a week, and I almost forgot my password twice already. And I can’t put my Mac in my pocket!

—   —   —   —

Jeg har lige oprettet en profil pÄ det helt nye sociale medie Pheed. Et medie, som hÞrer til i Twitter-genren, men hvor der er mulighed for at boltre sig med 340-tegns statusopdateringer i stedet for kun 140. Desuden er der rige muligheder for direkte opload af musik og videoklip pÄ ens egen kanal. Ganske gratis.

En feature, der mÄske isÊr appelerer til musikere, forfattere og andre kunstnere, er at man kan lave en betalingskanal pÄ sitet. Det er sÄ meningen, at fans kan abonnere. Eksempelvis koster det 2,31 Euro at abonnere pÄ pheeds fra Paris Hilton eller Chris Brown.

Pheed-netvÊrket handler om at udtrykke sig i ord, billeder og/eller lyd. Og hver gang man poster indhold pÄ sitet, fÄr man muligheden for at sÊtte et lille copyright-mÊrke pÄ sit foto, lyd- eller videoklip. Man bliver altsÄ hele tiden mindet om, at man skal skabe sit eget indhold. Sympatisk.

Der er mange genkendelige elementer som vi kender fra Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc. Et nyhedsfeed (eller pheed, som de kalder det), vintagebilleder af morgenkaffen og ligesom pÄ Twitter, behÞver ikke fysisk kende de folk man abonnerer pÄ. SÄ pÄ mange mÄder samler Pheed alt det du i dag formidler ud pÄ tre-fire forskellige medier.

Til gengÊld mangler der stadig gevaldige justeringer, sÄ man nemt kan tilgÄ sin Pheed-konto fra mobiltelefonen. Fremadrettet vil en mobil-app nok blive afgÞrende for Pheed-netvÊrkets udbredelse og succes. Der er ingen, som i lÊngden orker at vente pÄ fÄ deres Pheed-fix til de er i nÊrheden af en computer.

Siden net-versionen blev lanceret d. 12. oktober, ja sÄ er allerede mange der noterer sig, at der fÞlger en mobil-app med. Pheeds grundlÊggere i Silicon Vally lover dog, at en app er lige pÄ trapperne.