Flippin’ Flipboard – feeds for free

So. If your social life in cyberspace is getting difficult to administrate, keep reading this post. What happens on Twitter, while you’re checking your Facebook newsfeed? And who’s uploading cool pictures on Instagram, while you connecting on LinkedIn?

It’s hard work to keep up with every social media feed. But there are a few possible solutions, that will help you monitor all your accounts on social networks thanks to applications for your favorite digital gadget.

An example is Flipboard. An app where you can connect Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn etc., so you only have to open the Flipboard app to get the latest tweets, Facebook updates and so on. Sadly the Flipboard app is only for smartphones and tablets. No PC or Mac app.

TweetDeck can do much of the same stuff; collect newsfeeds from your Twitter and Facebook accounts. In my opinion the TweetDeck layout is a tad boring, compared to the Flipboard application. But there are apps for both smartphone, tablets and

The Social Media Examiner have even more tips on how to get the news feeds come to you for free, instead of you checking different accounts to get updates. Go check them out.