Presidential debates in 140 letters

Both President Barack Obama an  republican candidate Mitt Romney tweets. Well. Most of their tweets are probably written by campaign og staff members. But anyway it’s impressive, and maybe a bit disturbing, that they both use Twitters 140-letter setup to state their views on American politics.

It’s not my place to say if it’s a good or a bad thing. Maybe the complicity of state politics gets simplified a tad too much? Maybe more citizens will take interest in politics, and use their vote? In any way the debates are followed AND commented on by millions of tweeters.

Twitter Government (the twitter-team who’s following the presidential debates) noted that there were 10,3 million tweets on the first presidential debate. Two weeks later the second debate was commented on in 7,2 million tweets. Yesterdays third and final debate between Romney and Obama “only” 6,5 million tweeted.

So, even if interest is dropping (on Twitter anyway) there are still 21,2 million Obama-followers and 1,5 million Mitt Romney-followers gets 140-letter political statements from the candidates. Communication directly into the palm of your hand. And that counts for something too!

Happy voting 🙂
Marianne Nielsen @sm_feeder