When you can’t be two places at the same time

So, I’m NOT in Copenhagen at the moment. Unfortunately. Social Media Week Copenhagen is well i progress, and for those of us, who’s not able to attend there’s a lot of possibilities for following the fun from the sideline.

E.g. the danish radiostation Radio 24Syv has dedicatet this site to the Social Media Week – complete with livestreming and tweeting from the event they are hosting thursday night on social media in journalism and politics. It’s almost as good as being there yourself… almost!


Social Media Week in Copenhagen

Social media mania will hit Copenhagen next month with the annual Social Media Week. From February 18th – 22nd, the buzz is all about being open and connected in Copenhagen… and across the online world. Exciting and interesting if you ask me.

Registration is now open, so feel free to drop by if You are in town. Check out the schedule on http://www.socialmediaweek.org

Happy New Year 🙂